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Confidence in the forecast will be updated via appropriate statistical means (i.e., Bayesian updating). The irrational hypothesis is that humans will interpret more information as better information, without considering whether the additional information actually enhances their forecast ability . The prediction is that forecast accuracy will not improve as people receive more information, diy financial advisor: a simple solution to build and protect your wealth but their confidence in their forecast will increase linearly with more information. Anchoring suggests that the portfolio manager will enter different growth forecasts into the model in these separate scenarios. The scariest part is that the manager won’t even know this subliminal nudge is occurring, because anchoring effects are influencing the decision-making process subconsciously.

GVF then lays out their sensible FACTS framework for investment evaluation. You want fees, complexity, and taxes to be low, while accessibility and search ability should be high. Some of this may be obvious, but not everyone may realize that complexity isn’t usually desirable. The problem with their “simple solution” is that it is very hard for the individual investor to implement. Overall the book is well written and laid out for the advanced DIY person with a fairly strong knowledge base in finance.

In effect, the expert is indeed an expert, but there is an incentive alignment problem between the expert and investors that negates the benefits of her expertise. DIY Financial Advisor empowers investors to maintain direct control of their portfolios and shows how to implement simple quantitative models that can beat the experts. In easy-to-understand terms, they explain the vital importance of sticking to the FACTS .

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He familiarized himself with the workings of the futures markets, and established a trading account at MF Global, a major commodity futures and derivatives broker. Some might argue that if Niederhoffer told investors, “You may lose all your money pursuing this strategy, but it will give you high returns,” then they were not really relying on his expertise to protect them from bankruptcy. If you are aware of a strategy that compounds at 30 percent, but you know that every few years there will be a year when you lose all of your money, then that is not a strategy worth pursuing. Any expert who recommends such a strategy should not be considered an expert in financial matters. JACK R. VOGEL- He is a co-founder of Alpha Architect, a quantitative asset management and consulting company. He endeavors in academic researches with a deep focus on asset pricing and behavioral finance. He has a background in teaching at Drexel University with Finance and Mathematics as his primary fields.

When his book hit the shelves, Niederhoffer was among the best-known hedge fund managers in the United States, was at the pinnacle of his profession, and had become known as one of the foremost experts on investing worldwide. What matters in investing are avoiding psychology traps and sticking to the FACTS , a framework we describe in Chapter 5. These simple concepts apply to everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy. The findings of this book are therefore applicable to the middle-class as well as to the mega-rich.

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Once traders receive their information sets, they play a live trading game where the subjects try to maximize their returns. The intent of the experimental design is to capture an element of the real-world marketplace where some traders are better informed than others and these traders trade with each other in financial markets. One might argue that the experts in the Leli and Filskov study, from earlier, were sub par and perhaps the study design was flawed. Or perhaps these results are only relevant to the field of brain research. Expert stock pickers, by contrast, have years of experience in the investment management business and access to superior fundamental research tools, and they can develop a more pronounced qualitative information edge. As it turns out, we have a reasonable real-world laboratory that provides insight into this question.

Part 2 of the book goes on to use empirical testing of many years of stock market results to test various suggested portfolio allocations and ideas. It then goes on to look at the way investors can be guided on when they should be in or out of the market. Finally it looks at how using the two proven winning investment strategies of value and momentum can be used to provide superior returns over more general investments. It took Victor Niederhoffer many years of study and a lot of hard work to become widely known as an expert in financial markets.

  • “DIY Financial Advisor “outlines a step-by-step process through which investors can take control of their hard-earned wealth and manage their own family office.
  • Highlighting the evidence behind the performance of expert opinion, we explain why experts are self-interested and are prone to the same behavioral biases that afflict all human beings.
  • In Chapter 1, GVF presents evidence that model-based decision making gives better results than discretionary decision making.
  • SOPs are developed according to the three-step process mentioned above, which is designed to establish the most robust, effective, and systematic decision-making process possible.
  • David assumed he had nothing to fear with Corzine running the firm, since Corzine—a Goldman Sachs wunderkind and ultra-sophisticated bond trader—was just the kind of financial expert you would want at the helm.
  • 4) The book doesn’t make any reference to the current investment climate where prices are distorted and where bonds and the stock markets have lost their negation correlations with them both recently at historic peaks.

The results are shown in Figure 3.10, where the returns are shown net of the market. So a positive return means the investor beat trading strategy the market, a negative number means the investor lost to the market, and a score of 0 means the investor tied the market.


The authors argue for evidence-based investing instead of story-based investing. Stories permeate financial markets, but in order to be good investors we should instead follow the evidence. The results from the study should be, by now, somewhat expected, yet they are still striking. The simple quantitative model has a classification accuracy ratio of 83.3 percent, which was much higher than for the experienced clinicians, who had a success rate of only 58.3 percent. Interestingly, the inexperienced clinicians were slightly better at 62.5 percent. In this chapter, we described how a supposed expert, Victor Niederhoffer, twice blew up his funds through his hubris.

The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. If you have any questions related to the pricing and/or discount offered in a particular listing, please contact the seller for that listing. Chapter 1 argues model-based decision making yields better results than discretionary decision making.

And if you can’t honor your promise to fulfill the contract, well, that’s when you need to worry about the steamroller. WESLEY R. GRAY– Ph.D., Gray initially Foreign exchange market worked as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. After getting his doctoral degree, he functioned as a finance professor at Drexel University.

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In the course of their discussion, GVF debunks a few of what they consider to be investment myths, such as quality enhances value and economic growth leads to higher stock returns. Part 1 of the book is “Why You Can Beat the Experts.” Beginning with the Preface, GVF says it is best for investors to maintain direct control over their own accounts. They point out the misalignment of incentives and objectives between owners of capital and investment managers. Even though more concentrated portfolios usually perform better over the long run, managers often prefer to hold broader portfolios that have less of a chance of deviating from benchmarks in the short run.

The USMC relies on “standard operating procedures,” or SOPs, particularly when Marines are in harm’s way. SOPs are developed according to the three-step process mentioned above, which is designed to establish the most robust, effective, and systematic decision-making process possible. Figure 1.1 highlights this point.6 Stare at box A and box B in the figure. If you are a human being you will identify that box A is darker than box B.

Attempting to maintain and grow wealth accumulated over a lifetime is a task that is equally daunting for both individuals and for big name family offices. GVF provides a free service on its website that applies the ROBUST filter to each asset class for balanced, moderate, and aggressive portfolios.

Chapter 7 discusses risk management models as a means to improve risk-adjusted returns in asset allocation. The authors argue that simple trend following models are effective risk management strategies. Specifically, simple moving average systems and time-series momentum have been shown to be effective. The forex conclusion is that a simple 50/50 split between the two systems generate an excellent risk-reward profile. DIY Financial Advisor gives individual investors the information and tools they need to take control of their hard-earned money and manage their own wealth—no matter how much or how little they have.


Was Corzine, the consummate Wall Street insider and expert, somehow to blame? In a repo transaction, one party sells an asset to a second party at one price, while agreeing to repurchase or “repo” the assets from the second party at another price in the future. If the first party fails to repurchase the securities, the second party then owns the assets. The repo market, sometimes referred to as the shadow banking system, has exploded over the past decade, with some estimating that its size may exceed that for the entire US banking system. In essence, the repo market has become the lifeblood of the financial system.

Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary. There is a risk of substantial loss associated with trading stocks, commodities, futures, options and other financial instruments. This study fills the literature with findings on the causal impact of changes in stock market wealth on households’ consumption. For the amount of press it gets, we would have expected a larger Wealth Effect.

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