What’s The Best Oil For Seasoning Cast Iron?

Moreover, it is advised that you not use cookware that has suffered chipping because it could potentially wind up in your food. It is important that you re-season them after cleaning. Well, re-seasoning will help prevent rust from building up on the grates in the future. Lesley Stockton is a senior staff writer reporting on all things cooking and entertaining for Wirecutter. Her expertise builds on a lifelong career in the culinary world—from a restaurant cook and caterer to a food editor at Martha Stewart.

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  • In a previous post, I illustrated how I cleaned and reseasoned an antique cast iron popover pan.
  • Most people already have olive oil at home, so it’s a very popular option for seasoning cast iron.
  • It certainly wasn’t $8-$10 bucks on a bottle of flax oil ; I bought a small 98 cent bottle of vegetable oil, and it worked just as fine as any other oil.
  • This set consists 4 circular-shaped cast iron cookware pieces and a lid.
  • If the temperature doesn’t reach the smoke point, the fat won’t break down and you won’t get polymerization.

If there are dull areas on the bottom of your pan, remove by scrubbing pan while still warm, on a burner with a steel kitchen scrub pad and some oil. The dull areas are actually very small amounts of cooked-on food or oil. Scrub until steel pad slides smoothly over the surface. The finish should now be semi-glossy and smooth again.

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Never put any cast iron pan or bake-ware under a dishwasher. A non-uniform thermal contraction can crack these cookware. Cleaning a cast iron skillet isn’t the easiest thing to do, but, with a few tips, it actually isn’t the hardest thing to do either. Set the grill to medium, and leave it on for 90 minutes to season the cast iron.

How To Season Cast Iron Pans With Coconut Oil

Since the company has been out of the cast iron cookware business for many decades, it is only available in flea markets or usually on eBay. Don’t use vegetable oil on the skillet, use no oil. When you smash the beef down, the 20%fat squeezes out and cooks the burger. I have a flat griddle, but I’m thinking of buying this one from Lodge.

Season Cast Iron

The unique design also makes them ideal to bringing right from the stove top or oven to the dining table. If you’re a seasoned cook, then this skillet is worth the splurge—it’s an instant family heirloom (psst! And don’t skip on the custom engraving). Depending on the size of your cast iron pan, add approximately 2 to 4 tablespoons coarse salt to form a paste.

Was one of those unsaturated oils better than the rest at creating a super-strong surface? I decided to test out five of the most popular seasoning options, using the same method, to see if one was actually better than another. Palm oil has a nice high smoke point, sitting pretty at 450 degrees. It’s flavor is mild, and it’s reasonably priced, too. The only reason I don’t really use it is because of the issues with unsustainable harvesting going on right now. Otherwise, the environmental consequences of the palm crop are too high to justify its use without being certain of the farmer’s practices.

How To Remove Excessive Rust From Cast Iron

Caring for cast iron begins the moment you bring your new cookware home. The first step is to season cast iron cookware before the first use to create a rust-resistant, non-stick surface. By the suggestions of experts, the best oil for seasoning cast iron grill grates is grapes seed oil because it has various purposes. I’m also sold on the recipe author’s suggestion to cook it at 550 degree to get a better crust. But in the recipe it just says to use “oil” for the pan .